ForeSee Replay for Web and Mobile

ForeSee Replay enhances our customer experience analytics for web and mobile so you can more accurately pinpoint where your visitors are struggling and efficiently resolve issues that are negatively impacting the customer experience.

Unleash the Power of Visualization with ForeSee Replay

With ForeSee Replay for web and mobile, you can easily:

Accelerate Your Ability to Act

  • See which aspects of your web or mobile experience are impeding desired outcomes and quickly react

Visualize User Experiences by Segment

  • Dig deeper into the customer experience by looking at replays of key customer segments like first-time visitors, returning visitors, registered users, and more
  • View and segment replays by key behavioral metrics such as pages viewed, duration of visit, browser version and screen size

Isolate Issues

  • Target individual replays by examining open-ended customer feedback, low satisfaction scores, visitors who intended to purchase but did not and more
  • Determine if issues are linked to technical errors that could lead to lost revenue

Communicate and Improve

  • Gain visual evidence to help you present a case for change
  • Build organizational support by sharing replays annotated with your insights
  • Efficiently resolve web and mobile site issues and free up time to tackle other initiatives

Learn More

Add the power of visualization to ForeSee CX Measure for Web and Mobile with ForeSee Replay. Supercharge your web and mobile customer experience improvement strategies, reduce the number of meetings, streamline the decision-making process and move quickly toward resolution. Contact us to learn more, or download a product brochure or case study.

Product Overview: ForeSee Replay for Web

Get the ForeSee Replay for Web product overview brochure for a more in-depth look at our solution. download

Product Overview: ForeSee Replay for Mobile

Get the ForeSee Replay for Mobile product overview brochure for a more in-depth look at our solution. download

Case Study: Nutrisystem

Discover how ForeSee Replay helped Nutrisystem strategically and tactically identify top priorities for customer experience improvements, leading to increased sales. download

ForeSee Replay: Key Features

See Your Website Experience through Your Visitors’ Eyes

ForeSee Replay for Web captures HTML pages, text, AJAX, browser information, session length and more, recording behaviors like mouse movements and clicks, scrolling and masked form entry.

01 cxReplay Website Experiences

Replay Native Mobile Behaviors

ForeSee Replay for Mobile captures user sessions for Android and iOS-enabled tablets and smartphones, illuminating how visitors interact with your mobile site or mobile app. It shows you touches, pinches and zooming; swipes and scrolling; and device orientation and masked form entry.

02 cxReplay Mobile Behaviors

Simplify Discovery and Issue Identification

Once you’ve selected a replay, the page navigator helps isolate your view by providing the capability to jump right to your area of interest, and the activity histogram allows you to skip over periods of inactivity. You can also view replays alongside key behavioral metrics like pages viewed, session duration, browser, device category, screen size and more.

03 cxReplay Identify Issues

Aid Your Analysis

Web and mobile heatmaps show touches, clicks and scrolling patterns to help you decide if the visitor experience aligns with others.

04 cxReplay Heatmapping

Efficiently Communicate Issues

Build organizational support for customer experience improvements by sharing replays annotated with your insights via secure email links.

05 cxReplay Gain Support