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See how ForeSee’s multichannel customer experience analytics are helping clients from across industries create better customer experiences that drive real business results. Brief registration is required for all downloads. To see our case studies by type, select from the following links:  PDF  |  Video

PDF Case Studies

Case Study: myHermes

DESCRIPTION: Learn how delivery company myHermes uses ForeSee Ratings and Reviews for more customer reviews, higher star ratings, better conversion, and boosted SEO and SEM efficiency.

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Case Study: Argos Feedback

DESCRIPTION: With over 900 million annual website visits and an enviable reputation, Argos is among the top retailers in the U.K. To maintain this level of success requires constantly monitoring and improving the customer experience. Find out how Argos uses ForeSee’s Feedback tool to easily create and deploy short surveys for customers to provide comments and personal insights about their online and mobile experiences.

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Case Study: Ideal Shopping

DESCRIPTION: Ideal Shopping Direct, one of the U.K.’s top home shopping retailers, sells a wide range of products online and via TV channels that reach 25 million homes. Find out how ForeSee helped Ideal Shopping add a new level of certainty to its strategy by providing a solution for CX measurement, which gave the company direct insights from its customers to learn how effectively the telephone ordering process met their needs and expectations.

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Case study: Argos

DESCRIPTION: Find out how Argos enlisted ForeSee to make sense of customer experience data from all its various retail touch points, including websites, mobile channels, brick-and-mortar stores, and more. Argos was successful in achieving a one-number multichannel overview gauging customer satisfaction, as well as creating a support system to back up the decision-making with important data.

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Case Study: Life Fitness

DESCRIPTION: See how ForeSee helped Life Fitness shift their whole way of doing business around the customer experience — no longer looking internally at what they thought the customer wanted, but hearing directly from their customers. ForeSee enabled Life Fitness construct a roadmap to build the brand and drive sales based on a positive online customer experience.

TOPICS: Consumer Products, Web, Feedback

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Case Study: T-Mobile

DESCRIPTION: T-Mobile uses ForeSee data to better understand what its customers expect from its web and mobile channels to make meaningful improvements that drive customer satisfaction.

TOPICS: Telecom & Utilities, Web, Mobile, ForeSee Replay

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ForeSee Allrecipes Case Study

Case Study: Allrecipes

DESCRIPTION: Discover how the world’s largest digital food brand and social community leverages ForeSee’s multichannel customer experience analytics to understand customer satisfaction across platforms and devices to inform the design of better brand experiences for key customer segments.

TOPICS: Media & Entertainment, Web, Mobile

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ForeSee Client Build-a-Bear Workshop

Case Study: Build-a-Bear Workshop

DESCRIPTION: ForeSee predictive analytics helps Build-A-Bear Workshop understand the multichannel customer experience and its impact on sales.

TOPICS: Retail & E-Commerce, Stores, Web, Mobile, Contact Center

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Case Study: Disney Store

DESCRIPTION: Discover how ForeSee's multichannel customer experience analytics revealed big insights that helped Disney Store's e-commerce and brick-and-mortar teams work together as one to deliver better omnichannel Guest experiences that led to positive results during the critical holiday quarter and beyond.

TOPICS: Retail & E-Commerce, Web

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Case Study: Sur La Table

DESCRIPTION: See how Employee Experience Measurement from ForeSee enabled Sur La Table’s Human Resources team to gain big workforce insights and actionable results with less effort.

TOPICS: Employee Experience Measurement

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ForeSee L’Oréal Paris Case Study

Case Study: L’Oréal Paris

DESCRIPTION: Discover how the world's number one total beauty brand leveraged insights from ForeSee CX Measure for Web to better connect with consumers and drive brand engagement.

TOPICS: Consumer Products, Web

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Case Study: JEA

DESCRIPTION: The seventh-largest municipal utility company in the U.S. uses ForeSee CX Measure for Contact Center and CX Measure for Web to identify key focus areas and reduce cost-per-interaction.

TOPICS: Telecom & Utilities, Contact Center, Web

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Case Study: House of Fraser

DESCRIPTION: Discover how ForeSee CX Measure for Contact Center helped U.K. retailer House of Fraser save hours of guesswork trying to troubleshoot contact center issues around delivery complaints.

TOPICS: Retail & E-Commerce, Contact Center

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Case Study: Fathead

DESCRIPTION: Specialty retailer Fathead, the leader in licensed sports and entertainment graphics, uses ForeSee CX Measure for Web to find better ways to serve their customers.

TOPICS: Retail & E-Commerce, Web

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Case Study: PBS

DESCRIPTION: ForeSee CX Measure for Web helps PBS gain customer-driven insights to evaluate and adjust its digital strategy and create more engaged users.

TOPICS: Media & Entertainment, Web

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Case Study: ABC Television

DESCRIPTION: America’s favorite network uses ForeSee CX Measure for Mobile to gain critical insights about mobile viewers.

TOPICS: Media & Entertainment, Mobile

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Case Study: 3M

DESCRIPTION: ForeSee data helps 3M identify key audience segments and measure and quantify the impact customer experience improvements have on purchase decisions.

TOPICS: Consumer Products, Web

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Case Study: U.S. Bank

DESCRIPTION: U.S. Bank uses ForeSee data to better understand what its customers expect from its web and mobile channels to make meaningful improvements that drive customer satisfaction.

Topics: Financial Services, Web, Mobile, Multichannel

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Case Study: Nutrisystem

DESCRIPTION: Nutrisystem’s website serves as its primary source of revenue and customer acquisition. Discover how ForeSee CX Measure for Web and ForeSee Replay helped Nutrisystem’s e-commerce team strategically and tactically identify top priorities for improving customer experience.

TOPICS: Consumer Products, Retail & E-Commerce, Web, ForeSee Replay

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Case Study: Stream Energy

DESCRIPTION: ForeSee CX Measure for Contact Center helps Stream Energy uncover important customer experience insights and drive agent performance.

TOPICS: Consumer Products, Telecom & Utilities, Contact Center

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Video Case Studies


Case Study: StubHub

DESCRIPTION: StubHub leverages ForeSee cxMeasure for Mobile to drive channel strategy changes and increase satisfaction for their mobile users.

TOPICS: Retail & E-Commerce, Mobile

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pear-tree-greetings-logoCase Study: Pear Tree Greetings

DESCRIPTION: Pear Tree Greetings uses ForeSee cxMeasure for Web to make data-driven decisions about pricing strategies that led to increased order sizes and a 15% increase in revenue overall.

TOPICS: Retail & E-Commerce, Web

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adobe-logoCase Study: Adobe

DESCRIPTION: Adobe Systems uses ForeSee cxMeasure for Web and ForeSee’s usability services to supplement behavioral data and create a more customer-focused website experience.

TOPICS: Consumer Products, Web

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hickory-farms-logoCase Study: Hickory Farms

DESCRIPTION: Hickory Farms uses ForeSee cxMeasure across customer touch points to create consistency, inform their omnichannel strategy and increase sales.

TOPICS: Consumer Products, Web, Stores

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Case cars-com-logoStudy:

DESCRIPTION: works with ForeSee to measure customer segments consistently, micro-target tactical changes and shape strategic direction.

TOPICS: B2B, Customer Relationships

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