ForeSee Retail Benchmark Report – August 2016


ForeSee’s August 2016 Retail Benchmark report is a yardstick that retailers can use to determine whether the experience they are providing to customers is exceeding or falling short of industry averages and customer expectations. We offer more than 70 benchmark categories specific to retail that can give your brand an idea of how your experiences compare to others. Some of the ways you can utilize these benchmark scores include:

  • By channel: web, mobile (smartphones, tablets and apps), store, and contact center
  • By sub-category: For retail, sub-categories include cosmetics, food & beverage, hardware, and many more.
  • By type of retailer: Internet pure-play retailers, brick-and-mortar retailers, or manufacturer direct retailers.
  • Along the customer journey: Measure and compare their scores to top and bottom performers at each customer interaction point across the customer journey.