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Satisfied B2B Site Visitors More Likely to Recommend, Purchase

B2Bs are different from B2Cs in a lot of ways, but a benchmark we released today shows that online customer satisfaction is just as important for both models.

Our benchmark reflects more than 20,000 surveys collected just in the month of April for B2B sites large and small (like Alcon, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cummins Engines, Eaton, Emerson Network Power, Gale-Cengage, HNI Enterprise, McGraw-Hill, MSC Industrial Supply, NuStep, Pearson Learning Solutions, Pfizer, ProQuest, Scholastic, Techdata, Valassis, and Yaskawa).

Here’s what we found. Based on likelihood scores, highly-satisfied visitors to B2B websites report being:

  • 63% more likely than less satisfied customers to return to the website.
  • 80% more likely to purchase in the future.
  • 116% more likely to recommend the website to a friend.

So if you’re a B2B organization and you want to make your customers more likely to return to the website, to purchase, to recommend…then focus on the customer experience, listen to the voices of your customers, and get your online satisfaction up by focusing on the things that matter to customers most. The benefits will show up on your bottom line.

Satisfied visitors to b2b websites more likely to purchase, recommendIn general, B2B websites under-perform B2C websites, but this case does not always apply to a specific company. The ForeSee Website Index indicates that average satisfaction for all websites that we measure hovered around 70 in April. B2B websites trailed that average significantly with an aggregate online satisfaction score of 62.

However, scores for individual companies included in the benchmark span a wide range, from a low of 27 to a high of 85, which means some B2B websites are providing a really fantastic customer experience, and some are really, really not.

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  1. Jason Conrad

    I like this post a lot. (Full disclosure, I work at ForeSee.). If you are a B2B company and you aren’t working with ForeSee right now, you should be asking yourself, “Why are all these other B2B’s working with them?”. The great challenge facing B2B companies when it comes to their websites is, how do you measure the effectiveness and success of what you are doing? What does it mean to your business that visitors are visiting your (often) non-transactional site? Is it good or bad when page views goes up or down? When you make changes, how do you know what impact those changes are having on sales, brand perception, deflecting calls from the call center, the likelihood to invest, or to increases in positive word of mouth? These are the types of questions ForeSee answers for our B2B customers. The only way you get correct answers to questions like these is by leveraging a credible, precise, reliable, accurate measure of the customer (visitor) experience. (It has to be all of those things or it won’t work right!) I’ll get off my soapbox now, but if you are a B2B that isn’t a ForeSee client, take a little time to learn more about how impactful it can be to measure…differently.

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