Industry and Competitive Benchmarks

ForeSee’s cx360 platform provides comprehensive benchmarks so you’ll know how your customer experience ranks against competitors, across industries and channels, and over time. Our benchmarks give you the context you need to understand the impact of customer experience improvements you make and the ability to determine if you’re delivering a leading, lagging or unbalanced multichannel experience.

Benchmark Over Time

Benchmark Over Time

Measuring customer satisfaction with the accuracy, precision and reliability of ForeSee’s proven CXA methodology allows you to understand the impact of changes you make. Our benchmarks help you examine each channel in light of changes in your market, competitors’ initiatives, your own marketing efforts and cross-channel performance.

Benchmark Compare

Compare Your Performance

Our benchmarking capabilities give you access to over 150 industries and sub-categories for comprehensive performance comparison. In-channel benchmarks provide context for channel-specific customer experiences to help you set your goals. Multichannel benchmarks illuminate typical performance differentials across channels so you know where to improve. Industry benchmarks allow you to compare your performance against similar companies.

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Set Goals with Confidence

ForeSee’s benchmarks are a result of our proven approach to customer experience measurement and provide a reliable reference for customer expectations so you can confidently set improvement goals and chart improvement progress.

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With ForeSee’s multichannel customer experience benchmarks, you’ll know how you measure up over time, across channels and against your competition. Contact us to learn more.