Customer Experience Analysis

When you measure the customer experience with ForeSee, you’ll have the opportunity to work with our team of experienced customer experience analysts so you can make the most of your customer experience data. Acting as an extension of your in-house team, our expert analysts provide clarity and insights around your customer experience data.

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Get More from Your Data

Our Customer Experience Analysts provide interpretation of and clarity around your ForeSee data during Customer Experience Insight Reviews, guiding you through a robust, comprehensive presentation of key findings that align with your business objectives. This detailed analysis helps you:

Create Detailed Customer Profiles

  • Get detailed customer profiles based on customer satisfaction scores, customer intent, purchase behavior, demographics and other criteria important to you.

Understand Your Customers

  • Improve your understanding of your users’ experiences. Our findings may validate your current thinking or lead you to change it.

Realize the Impact of Improvements

  • Discover where the greatest opportunities exist for improvement, and how making these changes will impact your business goals.

Uncover Opportunities

  • Your analyst will use the combination of the information and direction you provide, the ForeSee CXA methodology, and their own research skills to deliver invaluable customer insight that you can readily apply to many facets of your business.

Customer Experience Insight reviews typically happen quarterly, and each one builds upon its predecessors and sets the direction for future reviews.

One of the things ForeSee has really helped us understand is the importance of product availability across channels. Without ForeSee, we wouldn’t have that insight.

Michael Holton, Chief Marketing Officer, Hickory Farms

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