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Gain a deeper understanding of your customers by augmenting your data with ForeSee’s rich customer experience insights.

ForeSee Integration for Adobe Marketing Cloud or Google Analytics

Answer important business questions that can’t be answered with attitudinal or behavioral data alone.

Clickstream data tells you what your customers did, but it doesn’t tell you how they felt about the experience or how it might impact future behaviors tied to your business goals. Bridge this gap and answer questions like:

  • What do visitors who are unhappy with the site actually do on the website?
  • Who are your most valuable visitors in terms of multi-channel purchase intent?
  • Does acquisition source, such as search engine or affiliate networks, influence satisfaction or likelihood to purchase?
  • And much more…

ForeSee’s bidirectional integration syncs daily and allows you to analyze ForeSee and clickstream data in a single reporting dashboard in either ForeSee, or Adobe Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics.


ForeSee Custom Integration via API

Bring ForeSee data into your business intelligence tools for a unified view of your business.

Complete access to your ForeSee data for any analysis you can imagine:

  • Take advantage of analysis capabilities of tools like Tableau and Power BI
  • Add ForeSee data to existing metrics dashboards and visualizations
  • And much more…

ForeSee’s API and allows you to easily bring ForeSee’s data into business intelligence tools, or other ad-hoc analysis workflows.