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ForeSee Feedback

Get feedback when and where you want with simple surveys.


Simple, customer-initiated surveys are an important part of every voice of customer program. ForeSee Feedback is a self-service tool that helps you identify issues before they escalate.

Features & Benefits


  • Make it easy for customers to give you feedback on web and mobile
    Encourage customers to share feedback as they browse your web or mobile properties. Get a quick pulse of the customer experience in real-time and give your customers a chance to flag issues before they escalate.
  • Conveniently deploy custom, ad-hoc surveys without IT support
    Easily build and deploy branded customer surveys on web and mobile without any dependencies on IT teams. Deploy specific surveys on designated pages, site-wide for targeted insights, or via URL link in emails or social media campaigns. Make modifications yourself and see your changes immediately.
  • Visualize and troubleshoot customers’ digital CX issues with ForeSee Replay integration
    Unable to replicate digital CX issues? Integrate surveys with ForeSee Replay to watch digital playbacks of visitor sessions. Get instant insight into their web or mobile activity, isolate behaviors, and find and fix problems more efficiently.
  • Access your insights quickly with our proprietary in-page analytics
    Our one-of-a-kind in-page reporting gives you effortless access to your customer feedback. Quickly view critical page-level analytics without ever leaving your website.