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ForeSee CX Measurement

Run your CX program with the only proven methodology in the industry. Run CX with certainty.


The foundation of ForeSee CX Suite is built on ForeSee CX Measurement. Prioritize CX investments and know – with certainty – they’ll have maximum business impact.

Benefits & Features

  • From awareness to loyalty – measure CX for every touchpoint
    You can’t improve CX without the full picture. Otherwise, you’re measuring for the channel, not the whole. Only ForeSee CX Measurement gives you one metric to understand CX across every individual touchpoint that makes up your customer journey.
  • Know what actions to take – with the only multi-patented, predictive model for CX measurement
    Knowing how you’re doing now isn’t enough. ForeSee CX Measurement tells you where to focus, and what to do next. It’s why CX leaders have trusted ForeSee for over 15 years to make the tough calls. Our predictive model connects customers attitudes with tangible business impact, and it’s been proven to work, year over year.
  • Prioritize CX across the entire customer journey, with ForeSee Priority Index
    The hardest part about being a leader in this new era of customer experience? Making decisions about where to invest limited resources. With a scalable CX metric and ForeSee’s proprietary CX Priority Index, business leaders gain extraordinary visibility across their customer journey – to make decisions with certainty.
  • Benchmark how you’re doing against yourself, your competitors, and best-in-class
    Get the market context you need to make the difficult calls. Applying a consistent methodology over the last 15 years means we’re the only partner who can offer 200M benchmarks across 600 benchmark categories – baked into our product.