See it as your customers see it: Unleash the power of visualization with ForeSee Replay


Unable to replicate your customers’ digital CX issues? Find and fix problems more efficiently by watching digital replays paired with customer feedback.

Features & Benefits

  • Isolate issues, save time and resources, and accelerate your ability to act.
    Sometimes customer feedback isn’t enough. With digital replays, you can instantly see what visitors experienced. Do this efficiently using survey filters, like low satisfaction or keywords, to know exactly where to look, instead of sifting through hundreds of hours of replays.
  • Deliver compelling visual evidence to drive change.
    Compelling visual evidence is oftentimes what you need to drive change. Build your case by sharing irrefutable replays, annotated with your insights.
  • Dig deeper by analyzing digital experiences across key customer segments.
    Pairing digital replays with segmentation data is powerful. Understand the different issues first-time visitors experience, versus returning visitors or registered users. Or analyze replays by behavioral metrics such as pages viewed, duration of visit, browser version, or screen size.