Verint Experience Cloud

Experience Cloud combines powerful software and services for a complete and unified view of the customer experience.

Listen Deeply
Give customers opportunities to provide real-time, opt-in feedback that triggers cases and helps internal teams collaborate to close the loop.

Understand Behavior
Visualize and track customer actions to isolate issues, improve resource allocation, and speed response times.

Act on Insights
Use cause-and-effect findings to understand experience quality, prioritize changes, and coordinate actions with organization-wide goals.

Tech research firm Omdia ranks Experience Cloud as a market leader, giving the solution its “advanced capability or breadth” rating in its Market Radar: AI-enabled Experience Management Platforms.

“Verint’s unified interface gives clients many opportunities to integrate their day-to-day tools and minimize the disruption to working practices [with its] Experience Cloud platform.”

Complete XM, Tailored to Your Goals

Verint Experience Cloud accelerates the pace of XM innovation—holistically and at your speed. Only Verint makes delivering exceptional experiences easy by enabling organizations to:

  • Process and analyze feedback from multi-channel surveys, unstructured text and speech data from transcripts and open-ends, and behavioral data from web sessions.
  • Automate and speed decision-making with our proprietary predictive engine paired with Verint Professional Services guidance.
  • Operationalize across all functions with real-time triggers and alerts; custom dashboards for executives, digital, contact center, and store/location leaders; and case management tools.