Roles & Use Cases

Our experience management solutions break down silos between channels and teams to help people in your organization deliver connected customer experiences.


You need intelligence you can trust. Our CX insights improve every decision you make, helping grow satisfaction, loyalty, and lifetime customer value.

Digital Leader

Digital impacts all parts of the business. You need deep insights to prioritize initiatives that drive results across all channels.

Contact Center Leader

You’re on the front lines of service and satisfaction. Leverage speech and text insights to advance CX initiatives across the business.

Location or Store Manager

You want to delight every customer who visits your location. We show you were to focus improvements for the best outcomes.

Brands that deliver truly authentic, frictionless, and delightful experiences will find it is incredibly profitable: 85% of consumers would pay up to 25% more to ensure a superior customer experience.

Brian Solis, Altimeter Group, author of X: The Experience When Business Meets Design

Verint Experience Cloud helps every layer of your organization listen to, analyze, and operationalize customer feedback—so they can deliver exceptional experiences and compete on better CX.

  • Catch Issues Early: Customer voices can be the best early warning signal. A suite of tools and apps helps you cut through the noise to detect those signals.
  • Enrich Customer Insights: Knowing who your customers are and what they do is step one—understanding the “why” is vital. Our CX data is rich with insights to inform decision-making.
  • Combine Digital and Contact Center Insights: By consolidating data sets, all CX teams are on the same page, moving toward departmental and organizational goals simultaneously.
  • Socialize Data: An intuitive and easy-to-use UI, visual reporting, and insights on the go—with our companion mobile app—help put the customer front and center, across the organization.
  • Digital Find and Fix: It’s not always easy to identify or replicate digital CX issues. Technical teams use Experience Cloud to identify and resolve problems faster.
  • Close the Loop: Identify risks, troubleshoot complaints, and engage directly to turn customers into your advocates.
  • Analyze Unstructured Data: Manual analysis of customer verbatims is time-consuming and ineffective. Surface themes and trends faster with integrated speech and text analysis.
  • Capture millions of clicks, gestures, and taps across your digital assets – independent of surveys – to visualize the holistic customer experience and size potential ROI for improvements.