Professional Services

ForeSee data is powerful. And our dedicated team of CX and usability analysts can serve as an extension of your team to help bring it to life. Our analysts offer strategic insights and recommendations to help you gain a deeper understanding of your customer experience and activate your data.

Purpose Our services team are passionate about improving the lives of our clients and their customers.

Expertise Our CX and usability analysts come from rich backgrounds in business, industry, and academia.

Partnership We serve as an extension of your team, working with you to uncover opportunities and impact your business.

We love working with the ForeSee team. It’s great to have a partner that we know is working with us lockstep. We know that our Nordstrom team is unique. We’ve got our elbows in the data all the time. Having a partner that’s responsive, can help with our questions, and really think with us and help push us, has been fantastic.


ForeSee Professional Services is rated among our best differentiators. Our team of CX analysts, usability experts, and support and implementation people bring your data to life. We act as a passionate, dedicated, experienced extension of your team, offering interpretation, uncovering improvement opportunities, and predicting the impact of those improvements so you can act with certainty.

  • CX Analysis: It takes talent, experience, and enthusiasm to take the intelligence produced by our integrated suite of CX applications and turn it into recommendations that impact your business. Our team, recruited from business, academia, analyst firms, market research, and analytics has deep experience with ForeSee’s methodology and in our clients’ industries. More importantly, they love what they do. Our team will help you activate your data in ways that make a difference to your bottom line.
  • Usability: Our usability experts extend the value of your web or mobile customer experience analytics by using your data to uncover the usability issues that are prioritized by your CX data, allowing you to address the most important user experience issues affecting your web and mobile visitors. Our 18 in-house usability experts have conducted more than 2700 usability analyses in 40 industries for more than 600 clients. You won’t find that kind of experience anywhere else.
  • Support Services: Our top-notch implementation and support teams are there 24-hours a day to assist with any issue that arises with launching, fine-tuning, or changing any of ForeSee’s integrated CX applications.