The Verint Methodology

Verint’s causal, predictive methodology allows you to prioritize actions and link CX improvements directly to business outcomes.


Receive a score plus insight on what to do next and why. Get actionable intelligence on the drivers and outcomes you need to prioritize for maximum business impact.


Make your business case for CX. Get quantifiable evidence of the impact CX improvements will have on tangible outcomes like revenue, growth, and satisfaction.


By channel, touchpoint, industry, and more — we have the deepest collection of CX benchmarks in the industry to give you the context you need.

We needed clear evidence of what changes to prioritize and where to effectively spend our time, resources, and money to create the biggest impact for our customers. A key benefit with Verint is data-driven insights. They show the impact of changes before you make them – more loyalty, increased market share, etc. You can really fine-tune what you’re going to invest in.

VP, Director of Customer Experience, Union Bank & Trust

Reliable cause-and-effect insight is rare, and it’s your most powerful decisioning tool. For over 20 years, our solutions have helped organizations improve their customer experiences based on a prioritization framework and causal model that predicts future behavior and business outcomes. Here’s how:

  • Built-in ROI: Know and articulate the impact of your CX program with a proven, ROI-inclusive methodology. Best of all, it’s built into our solution, so we do the heavy lifting for you.
  • Prescriptive action: A simple score shows how you’re doing but it won’t tell you what to do next. We apply the Verint methodology to NPS or CSAT to prescribe action, helping you identify the specific drivers that will have the biggest overall impact.
  • Predictive insights: Get quantifiable evidence of the impact of your CX improvements on desired business outcomes, such as likelihood to purchase, return, recommend, and more.
  • Rigorous prioritization: With a consistent methodology across your customer touchpoints, you can prioritize drivers at the touchpoint level and across the entire customer journey.
  • Benchmarks: Get continuous benchmarks — by industry, channel, touchpoint, and segment – against your competition and the best-in-class. We have the broadest and deepest CX benchmarks, collected from over 250 million surveys.
  • Proven outcomes: Make CX decisions based on data you can trust. The Verint methodology is based on decades of academic research, and it’s been proven to accurately and reliably link CX improvements to better financial performance for nearly two decades.