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Gain Actionable Insights

Is your current approach to enterprise feedback management showing you the entire picture? All too often, insights gleaned from behavioral data and unstructured customer feedback are incomplete because behavioral data measures what already happened and feedback without context tends to be dominated by extreme opinions and “squeaky wheels.”

Better Data. Better Insights. A Better Approach to Customer Feedback Management.

Insights Fom DataForeSee’s approach to customer experience measurement gives you actionable customer intelligence insights so you can make customer experience improvements that influence desired future behaviors instead of attempting to fix what’s already happened — or what might not be broken. We help you eliminate the guesswork by providing customer experience data that allows you to confidently and accurately:

  • Pinpoint strengths and weaknesses across the customer journey.
  • Understand the impact the customer experience in one channel has on another.
  • Determine which improvements will have the greatest impact on the customer experience.

In addition, our expert team of Customer Experience Analysts and Usability Auditors draw on years of customer and user experience analysis to give you objective perspectives that help you get the most from your data. With ForeSee, you’ll go beyond simply managing customer feedback. You’ll get better customer experience data that gives you forward-looking, actionable insights to inform customer experience improvements that will drive business success.

Analytics Portals

Analytics Portals

Easily generate customer experience reports, customize and share dashboards, integrate external metrics, calculate the financial impact customer experience improvements will have on your business, and more with our Advanced Analytics and Executive Portals. Learn more

cxReplay for Web and Mobile

ForeSee Replay for Web and Mobile

Leverage the combined power of visitor interaction data and customer experience metrics to capture and view the actual experiences your customers are having on your website, mobile site or mobile app. Pinpoint where your visitors are struggling and quickly react to efficiently resolve issues that are negatively impacting the customer experience. Learn more

Expert Analysis

Expert Analysis

Our dedicated team of Customer Experience Analysts and Usability Auditors offer objective perspectives and actionable recommendations to help you gain a deeper understanding of your company’s customer experience. Learn more

We are a company of engineers. ForeSee allows us to really quantify why we’re doing things, why it’s important and why we need to make the investment. So it’s been invaluable to us.

Lisa Morley, Exxon Mobil, Global Digital Advisor for Fuels and Lubricants

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