Why ForeSee

Our Proven Approach to Customer Experience Measurement

foresee-cxa-logoForeSee knows that a good customer experience is a leading indicator of business success. That’s why the ForeSee CXA methodology, our proven approach to customer experience measurement, is rooted in the science of customer satisfaction. The ForeSee CXA methodology is based on an academically proven way to measure customer satisfaction that has shown time and time again that consumers spend more and continue to do business with companies that provide the best customer experiences.

Giving You the Right Metrics to Accurately Measure Customer Satisfaction

The ForeSee CXA methodology goes beyond traditional customer feedback analysis and simple customer satisfaction metrics to provide a cause-and-effect framework that shows the impact individual elements of your customer experience like product pricing, website navigation, agent response time, and associate friendliness have on overall customer satisfaction — and how increasing satisfaction with high priority elements can positively impact your business’s bottom line. Measuring customer satisfaction using the ForeSee CXA methodology helps you:

Accurately Assess Your Customer Experience

Our valid, reliable and sensitive customer experience measurement methodology delivers metrics that accurately assess whether the experiences you’re providing are meeting your customers’ needs and expectations.


Prioritize Customer Experience Improvements

The ForeSee CXA methodology’s advanced modeling algorithms quantify the link between perceived experience and attitudinal evaluation to help you determine what you should do to improve the customer experience and where you should prioritize investments.


Support Your Investment Decisions

ForeSee’s cause-and-effect framework predicts future outcomes and provides specific, quantifiable data about how changes to a process, service, aspect of quality, etc., will affect customer satisfaction and profits.


ForeSee’s predictive technology is critical in our decision making process because it allows us to add real qualitative context to what can be the soft and intangible concept of customer experience. At the end of the day ForeSee tells us what we should do and why we should do it, which is invaluable information to have.

Robb Collins, Senior Manager, E-Commerce Operations, Royal Canadian Mint

Customer Experience Metrics You Can Depend On

The ForeSee CXA methodology takes customer experience measurement far beyond traditional metrics to provide powerful, forward-looking insights that radically change the way business leaders make strategic investments and future business decisions. With more than a decade of experience measuring and analyzing customer experience for some of the world’s largest brands, our proven approach to customer satisfaction measurement truly sets us apart.

Over 600 satisfied clients from across industries and sectors use ForeSee’s multichannel customer experience analytics to gain actionable customer experience insightsdrive meaningful and impactful customer experience improvements, and predict future business success.

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